With Tajweed and Holy Quran Online Teaching from our expert the Holy Quran Tutors at your own home with reliable team. Our basic aim is that spread the Teaching of Islam to all over the world. We have excellent method of teaching. Islamic classes Online for kids, adults with latest software’s at your comfort Online Quran Reading place.GlobalCampus92 is an international Islamic school for children who don’t have a time to go Masjid or if there is no any Islamic Institute near your home for learn the Holy Quran Online and Online Islamic Lessons with Live Quran Tutor. Take a decision to Get 3 FREE Trial Classes from us with latest software and technology. We provide online one-to-one Holy Quran Classes and Islamic courses for sisters, kid and adults with cheap rates first time in the world.

Our Tutors:

We hired expert, qualified and well trained Male and Female Quran Tutors who can teach very well to all students of any age. So do not hesitate now and register your kids for Online Quran Learning Classes and Islamic Classes. Our all Quran Tutors have extensive knowledge about Islam and the Holy Quran and most of them are Hafiz-e-Quran and Alim/Alima. Online Quran Tutors have excellent command on Arabic, English and Urdu language. They can teach all the age of students according to the level of the students. Learn and Read Quran Online and take Islamic Classes & Islamic Courses through our innovative Online Islamic School and experience it for yourself.

Our well versed educators are at your service to teach you the art of grasping the Mathematics logic. No matter what course outline you follow, it’s our command on the subject that ensures every curricular to be well covered within specified time deadline. Quality remains our commitment while educating every subject at our online educational portal. We stand apart with our untiring efforts to spread knowledge around the globe round the clock.

English is a global and widely spoken language which is the biggest medium of communication throughout the globe. Going global without having a good grasp over English remains fruitless for everyone. The whole digital network of all the social, business and educational websites is connected through the medium of English. English is a widely acknowledged universal source of communication that enables you to be the part of online community. Our experienced and skilled educators make sure that you get adequate grip on comprehending this widely acknowledged language.

Our educators follow a smartly crafted strategy to teach students the logic behind every aspect of science; it makes them believe that through the knowledge of science the world can be conquered. We are at full command of covering varied course outlines of different institutions with the help of profound knowledge of our educators.

Our educators are trained to understand the student’s weak areas and then turn their weaknesses into strength by making effort in the right direction. Our personalized approach to read each students psyche made us gain our current success. Our online portal provides with well experienced educators to make sure that complete course outline is covered with great comprehension of the student.

Our interactive approach allows us to communicate the problems of our students in any specific test; we then overcome the problem by counseling and teaching through all means, then make the students undergo routine tests that are conducted on frequent intervals. Our personalized attention helps the students a great deal to cover their course outline in well versed manner and within the specified time deadlines.

What makes us unique is our honest concern towards our students to a point where the interest of the student is also gauged if he is not absorbing certain knowledge. Because we believe that studies are directed through our interest and will. Our smart teaching strategies enable the students to comprehend the material being taught. The students love learning through us and prefer us for so many reasons mentioned here.

We reshape your future by offering you the knowledge that matters your vault. In our Web Designing course we teach HTML, HTML 5 and Cascading style sheets (CSS). It does not matter if you are a biggner or have some knowledge of web designing, our educators make you go through the whole process which is well formulated and designed to make this knowledge fruitful for your future. It is assumed that you have a little or absolutely no knowledge about the subject and then we start from the scratch.

If you have just completed your matriculation and want to consume your free time in something that will benefit you then this course is designed for you. We understand that the basics are very important no matter which job you perform or what business you do. You can’t shy away from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook anywhere. Our basic course includes the following:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Outlook

Our online education portal can’t overlook the utility of Social media marketing which is absolutely driving the whole online community. Social media marketing is a smart way to attract the visitors towards your website and the art is well in demand where millions of retailers and users are striving to catch the attention of the consumers. We believe you can make it happen for them through our expert mentoring strategies and understanding of the logic behind driving traffic towards a certain direction. Master the art and conquer the world!

Programming is governing the digital world through creating apps for Smartphone, games and all kind of applications without which we could never use the internet or computer to our advantage. Keeping in view the vital importance of programming we have offered this course where we teach basic concepts, data types, arrays, pointers, conditional and unconditional statements, loops, functions, classes and objects and what are their uses and utility inside the code of our program and how to use them to have your required effect.

The web development course introduces the learners how to make a website using web applications like PHP and MySQL, HTML, CSS, and more. Students can learn web development basics like building an e-commerce site and more advanced skills like how to query a database or build an HTML5 app.

Our online education offers different kind of courses that helps you in your real life. We equip you with enough knowledge and expertise that you can perform any kind of relevant task with ease. Our online CCNA course offers the students to learn how networking works from its roots. Our real time teaching environment helps you have a stronger grasp over networking methodologies. We educate how to configure, troubleshoot and operate LAN, WAN networks. We also teach you to describe the operation of data networks. All in all, you can supervise the network operations independently after getting this online professional training from us.

We believe that everyone has the capacity to gain more scores in English with right kind of guidance, mentoring and effort. Now days it’s very important to obtain good scores in IELTS that benefit you with having more access to obtaining work visas. We are in need to prove our English skills level if we are willing to do overseas job. Our well versed educators pay detailed attention to evaluate the level of each of our students and start teaching them accordingly. This helps a great deal to all the students enrolling with different skill set, grasp and understanding of English. You are evaluated separately for your speaking, listening, reading and writing abilities so that we could work on you accordingly. Our smart teaching methodology helped thousands of students to score good marks in IELTS examination. They are a proud part of this online education family. It is part of our teaching strategy to keep in view the previous IELTs tests and results and based on this experience we achieve great success.

Your academic success in college is measured by taking a SAT test designed to be attempted in a short deadline. Your writing skills and general literacy is observed in this test so that you are good to go for your college. Our well experienced and skilled teachers make sure that our students secure good marks. Our online education is different and beneficial for the students for paying personal attention to each student to access his weakness and work on it to turn into strength and our unique educating methodology. Our effective teaching strategy has helped Your Cloud Campus family grow in numbers that are thousands.

Teaching GRE is a creative activity for its logical nature of assessing the students analytical approach towards writing, logic oriented reasoning, critical thinking and quantitative reasoning skills. While understanding the nature of the test we make our students undergo a specifically designed process of learning the art of logic and perform analysis on a given/provided scenarios help students develop these skills in little time if they are already lacking. We don’t tell what to do, we educate how to do and this is the soul of this GRE test. Our educators follow an intelligently designed course outline that enables the students to learn the art of playing with logic.

We believe that ignorance of law is no excuse. Our proven online educational portal offers to polish your skills to an effect where you become capable to come successfully through Scholarship test. We polish your critical reading skills along with all the areas covered in the course outline. Your success is our pride! Our teaching strategy ensures that your secure good marks. Its our honest concern that keeps our family growing in thousands.

Graphic design course takes you into the most in-demand field in the market — graphic design. It introduces you to raster- and vector-based graphic designing. In addition, you get to learn various designing tools. Furthermore, it is one of the most training-intensive course that we have. Graphic design is a field which involves visual communication and presentation. It is widely used in various forms of marketing e.g. digital marketing, brochure marketing, banner marketing, social media marketing etc. Moreover, graphic designers can help businesses grow beyond their expectations; hence the high market demand.

We hold our presence in all over The World. Successfully trained professionals in digital marketing Sectors. we leave our students no choice but they find themselves grown to the next level in their business and careers upon graduating from GlobalCampus92.Our passion of Digital Marketing is pure and that is what we want to transfer to everyone who comes in contact with GlobalCampus92.

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  • One to One Online Classes
  • Highly Qualified Online Trainers

We also deal Desktop and Online Softwares

We offer different types of IT related Solutions including Web Design and Development, Web Application Development, Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Application Development, Software Development and Social Media Marketing.

  • Software Development
  • Web Designing and Developments
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Internet Marketing
  • HRMS
  • School & College Management System
  • Point of Sale Software
  • Stationary Management System